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Ready to celebrate at your next event?

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Weddings and birthday parties aren't the only occasions for photo booths? 

The fact is, photo booths are all the rage these days, otherwise people wouldn't keep inventing newer, better ways to make them (like our mirror photo booth). As long as people continue to get more creative with how they use photo booths, they'll find more places to strike a pose and take photos.

In case you don't plan to get married any time soon or won't be celebrating your next birthday for several months, here are 10 other occasions when hiring a photo booth is absolutely essential.

1.  Engagement parties and bridal showers – Photos are taken at the wedding and before it. In the months leading up to the big day, you will want to capture every moment of this momentous time in your life.


2.  Christening parties – Most people want to take a photo with the baby, so if your party is carefully coordinated, a photo booth might work better than carrying the baby around.


3.  Corporate events – We're not just talking about conventions and ceremonies, but also team-building activities and company retreats, and especially company family days. (Once the event is over, the prints will remind you how much fun that particular coworker is to be around.)


4.  Product launches – Most businesses measure their success by the memorable events they hold, with many of them being product launches. When your launch has a photo booth, it not only makes it easier for attendees to remember it, it also gives the event more mileage, especially when pictures from the booth are shared afterwards.

5.  Store openings – Photo booths make the opening of a new store, bar, club, or restaurant even more special, and the prints can serve as mini-flyers or advertisements for your business after the event. 

6. School events – It's probably the most fun to use a photo booth at school events - either way, students will be dressed up and ready to capture great memories. You can also use photo booths at university events.


7.  Sports events – Photo booths allow fans to show their support for their favourite teams at local matches and tournaments. Besides cricket or rugby, a booth might be suitable before a marathon, sports festival, or cheerleading competition.

8.  Music festivals and art events – It's unlikely you'll get to take photos with your lead singer crush in the photo booth, but music fans won't miss this photo opportunity for sure before the music starts. A photo booth print can also be an artwork in its own right at arts & culture events such as performances, film screenings, street art exhibitions, etc.


9.  Cosplay conventions – The chance to capture their creations alongside fellow anime fans will be greatly appreciated by cosplayers. Their look can be enhanced even further by the right backdrops, placing them right inside the anime or game.


10.  School Formals – With the students all dressed and glammed up, they will love capturing this special moment and sharing the images on their social media platforms.


Whether you're having a party or event, a photo booth is the perfect place to create great memories. Enquire now to choose and customise the right package for your event, today.

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